Our team

Please contact us through Joke, our management assistant, by e-mail: info@waterfootprint.org.

Executive team

Dr. Rick Hogeboom
Executive Director
+31 53 489 3911

Rick takes the lead in the Water Footprint Network. He does so with great enthusiasm, and alongside his faculty position (Asst. Professor) at the University of Twente. Always keen on the content, he's particularly interested in how the water footprint concept can inform policy planning and corporate strategy. He enjoys sharing his passion for water, for instance through this TEDx Talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCzTJi4XpOA

Dorette Olthof
Management Assistant
+31 53 489 4322

Dorette is responsible for our general management support. She is the first port of call for people contacting Water Footprint Network.

Dr. Joep Schyns
Coordinator WaterStat & WaterPub
+31 53 489 4799

Joep maintains the WaterStat and WaterPub databases. He does so alongside his faculty position (Assistant Professor) at the University of Twente. Joep's research focusses on sustainable and effcient allocation of limited blue and green water resources worldwide. He is an avid crop modeller.

Lara Wöhler
Coordinator School Projects
+31 53 489 7404

Lara is coordinating our school projects. She does this work alongside her PhD research on the grey water footprint of pharmaceuticals from humans and livestock.

Dr. Ertug Ercin
Senior Researcher and Trainer

Ertug has a broad experience in advising both companies and governmental entities. He has initiated and led a number of major Water Footprint Assessment projects, such as Bangladesh Water PACT, C&A Water Strategy and Yasar Group Water Risk Assessment.

Oleksandr Mialyk
Coordinator Outreach

Oleks is a water-enthusiast and his drive to make this world a better place through the lens of water is contagious. Beside his outreach responsibilities for the WFN, Oleks is working on his PhD research at the University of Twente, focussing on global land and water scarcity.

Michiel van Heek
Software Developer

Michiel specialises in open source information technology, applied to human geography. He develops our cutting edge online tools, such as the National Water Footprint Explorer and Water Footprint Assessment tool.

Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board ensures the financial and legal status of the Water Footprint Network and provides strategic guidance and direction.

Dr. Themba Gumbo

Bekithemba (Themba) is Directer of Cap-Net UNDP, an international network for capacity development in sustainable water management. Themba, trained in Zimbabwe, England and the Netherlands, is a civil engineer and holds a PhD in water and sanitation. He is a national from Zimbabwe, permanently resident now in South Africa, and currently living in Brazil.

Dr. Arjen de Vries

Arjen has a broad background, with special reference to institutional and organizational aspects of water projects. As general manager of Acacia Water, a Netherlands-based consultancy firm, Arjen is responsible for managing a group of (ground) water experts. He always tries to translate the latest scientific developments in the field of hydrology and environment to innovative and practical solutions.

Prof. dr. Ashok K. Chapagain


Ashok is Senior Professor at the University of Free State, South Africa. He was Science Director of Water Footprint Network from 2013 to mid-2017 and earlier worked for WWF-UK. Originally an irrigation engineer in Nepal, Ashok did his MSc and PhD at the UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education.


Our associates have worked closely with us, as former employees or researchers, and continue our work in their new positions.

Dr. Maite Aldaya
Researcher, trainer, adviser
+34 61 672 1088

Maite is affiliated to the Water Observatory of the Botín Foundation, Spain. She has a vast experience in water footprint research and training.