Online event in Zoom on November 8th 2023, at 2-4PM (CET time)

The event is over, it was great to see 230 registrations from 45+ countries. We hope you enjoyed it and learned something new, see you next year!

Slides of presenters: Claudia Ringler (pdf), Declan Conway (pdf)

Also, please check the LinkedIn event where you can find other participants and boost your network!


By 2050, the OECD estimates that there will be 9 billion people on Earth. In addition, it is estimated that food production will increase by 60%, energy consumption by 80%, and water needs by 55% globally – all of which could affect land use patterns. Water-Energy-Food Nexus (WEF) is vital for addressing these complex challenges. Adopting a nexus approach facilitates a more comprehensive understanding of the interactions between natural resources and promotes integrated solutions for a more sustainable future.

In this symposium, we aim to provide a comprehensive overview of the state-of-the-art, gaps and advances in WEF research. We invited two well-known keynotes and prominent early-career scientists to cover a wide range of topics including water and energy footprints, the role of forests and food waste, governance, and many more. Sounds interesting? Then see you on November 8th!

A participation certificate may be issued to participants upon request.

Final agenda

Download the full agenda here (pdf file).

  • 2PM: welcoming words by Rick Hogeboom (Water Footprint Network)
  • 2-3PM: keynote speeches
    1. The WEF nexus and nutrition by Claudia Ringler (IFPRI)
    2. The physical and social dimensions of the WEF nexus by Declan Conway (Grantham Research Institute)
  • 3-4PM: presentations by early career scientists in parallel sessions on different WEF aspects
    1. Social Sciences and Governance, moderated by Meadow Poplawsky (University of Twente)
    2. Energy, moderated by Diego Sesma-Martín (University of La Rioja)
    3. WEF modelling and Virtual Water Trade, moderated by Han Su (University of Twente)
    4. Water & Food: Crops, moderated by Oleksandr Mialyk (University of Twente)
    5. Water & Food: Livestock, moderated by Maite M. Aldaya (Public University of Navarra)
  • 4PM: closing words by Mar Rubio-Varas (INARBE-Public University of Navarra)


If you have any questions, please reach out to the symposium organizing committee:

  • Diego Sesma – diego.sesmam[at]
  • Han Su –[at]
  • Maite Aldaya – maite.aldaya[at]
  • Oleksandr Mialyk – o.mialyk[at]


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