Get ready to explore an exciting collection of water footprint resources on this page! Discover a wide range of tools including our water footprint calculators, numerous publications, and educational materials – all designed to deepen your understanding of water usage. Dive into our resources now and start making a difference!

Our world class, interactive tools are fully open source and provide you with essential data and insights into your water use. Click the link to find our water footprint calculators, the product gallery and more.

WaterPub is the world’s largest repository of water footprint publications. It includes peer-reviewed papers as well as books and reports. Visit the WaterPub here.

On this page you can find our educational materials. This includes teaching material, a leaflet and game for school childeren. All of these resources can be used and shared openly, providing credit is given to Water Footprint Network and its partners who developed several of the materials.

Multimedia hub

Welcome to our Multimedia Hub! Here we have several resources that can be used as supporting materials in a course on water footprints. Find our introductory papers, infographics, videos and more.